Gothenburg Sweden Tram

About Me

Hi, I’m Kevin. I have a passion for urban environments, issues facing people in those environments, and the policies that are the cause (or result) of those issues.

The articles here are my own unprofessional observations about metropolitan living, when I have time to write and/or research (being a dad/husband and my actual day job often take priority). I have an affinity for transportation and helping people get from Point A to Point B in a safe, efficient way for the space and mode available. I am also interested in broader urban matters, such as housing policy, education policy, and economic policy.

I am always open to feedback, as I am not an expert in any of this but have a strong desire to learn. All research, commentary, and photography is my own unless otherwise noted.

Master of Arts, Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago (Candidate)
Master of Business Administration, DePaul University
Bachelor of Journalism, University of Missouri